15 Reasons Why Youll Love Life Alcohol-Free

All your you know, if you surround yourself with drinkers, and everything you do is drinking based, you have no imagination, you can’t even picture what life will be like without alcohol. And what you’re showing is that not drinking can live in alcohol free can be really freeing and cool and adventurous and optimistic. And, you know, sort of not this, you’re in such a dark place, therefore, you can’t do this, but rather, there’s sunshine on the other side.

  • I didn’t realize that my love affair with drinking was making me more anxious and less able to manage my responsibilities.
  • But what we’re seeing in this new emergence of online spaces and communities is they tend to be spearheaded by women.
  • Always inspired by Coach Victoria and Sarah.

And when I first kind of was like, oh shit, I have a major issue with drinking, and I might actually have to stop and fuck, this is my worst-case scenario with eight years ago. And so at that time, I found some, like, secret private Facebook group, where people were, you know, trying to go booze free, and that was huge for me. But when I first posted there and connected, you know, there really was only a, maybe a couple other things, but a was the main way. So, you know, a woman who lived in Seattle, I was in Seattle, she was around my age, you know, seem to have very similar interests. You know, she was a lawyer, I worked in corporate, she was four months sober and going to a so she kind of was like, you want to come with me to a meeting? Welcome to the Hello Someday Podcast, the podcast for busy women who are ready to drink less and live more.

Sober Carpenter Takes The Wheat Side of Their White Ale & Goes to Town When It Hits Your Lips

Contrary to what you may think, going alcohol-free may put some strain on your relationships at first. Depending on how much and how often you’ve been drinking, you’re probably going to be a bit on edge at first and you may have a shorter fuse. There are a https://ecosoberhouse.com/ plethora of benefits when it comes to cutting down or abstaining entirely from alcohol with weight loss, better sleep quality and improved mental health being just a handful. Supporting your loved one with AUD can be extremely beneficial to their recovery.

I have found meditation to quiet my busy mind and, with practice, I am no longer afraid to be still with my thoughts. This has gone a long way towards improved sleep. Regardless of your reasons for going alcohol-free, you’re likely to have urges or cravings at some point. You may even alcohol free lifestyle have a setback or slip and find yourself drinking again. It’s important to understand that cravings and setbacks are part of the process and they don’t mean that you’re unable to be alcohol-free. They just mean that alcohol had a bigger role in your life than you may have noticed.

Health Risks of Alcohol Use

Even if you know that there are benefits to quitting alcohol, it does not mean that it’s easy to stop drinking—especially if you’ve been misusing alcohol for a long time. Or did you just want to feel more productive with your life? Reminding yourself every day of your goals in life will keep you focused on why you would want to stay alcohol free. There are many benefits to giving up alcohol, both short-term and long-term. If you’re considering quitting drinking, these benefits may be just what you need to help you decide. Of course, giving up alcohol is not always easy, and there may be some challenges along the way.

  • And it’s, you know, anytime we’re working with a startup, like, you know, there’s a lot of instability, you know, and managing multiple people and working within the recovery in the mental health space.
  • And so I’m the kind of person and I’m trying to I’m this is where I’m in a fixed mindset, and I’m trying to grow.


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